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SOTD: “Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)” by Panic! At The Disco

You can’t find a more blissfully fun and happy alt-pop song than this. One of my favorite Panic tracks in retrospect, “Ready To Go” (and the accompaniment of the fantastically charming video) makes me beam everytime it starts up on my pod.

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SOTD: “Some Boys” by Death Cab For Cutie

I loved this album when it came out, and I continued to find new reasons as time has passed. “You Are A Tourist” was a catchy yet impactful single, and “St. Peter’s Cathedral” was so reflective of own beliefs in a way I’ve never been able to articulate so beautifully.

"Some Boys" continues to make my heart race at fade-in. It’s a gorgeous arrangement with a lovely and relateable message.

Sometimes it feels good to feel hungry again.

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SOTD: “I Don’t Know why I Love You” The House Of Love

Sucha feel-good-until-you-listen-to-the-lyrics, classic punk song. I always imagine this as a perfect credit roll track for an 80s, British romcom (maybe that’s where I found it… hmmmm…)

We’ll figure it out sooner or later

And while we’re doing that, some bands we DO know why we love them.

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SOTD: “Nerve Gas” by Kill Hannah

I had a friend named Stephanie in college that introduced me to a handful of bands I still listen to and have branched off from to create by base genre for Wrecked Radio. I wish I still had the handwritten list she gave me.

Kill Hannah was one of her personal favorite bands, and “Nerve Gas” turned out to be be my favorite song of theirs.

More of my nostalgic meanderings…

… And stuff that’ll be nostalgic later.

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SOTD: “About To Break” by Third Eye Blind

Good Sunday morning, all! Wish I could cook you all breakfast, but this yummy tune about distorted modern culture will have to suffice. 3EB is golden to me, another one of my top 5 bands along with The Killers. And “About To Break” was one of my favorite tracks off of their most recent release.

The anxious criticism on modern discrimination and human fault is reflected in the song’s slow build until it explodes in the chorus only to end with the glimmering hopefulness of lines like “When I see your face, I wanna be in the human race.”

Like most musicians I’ve ever talked to, Stephan Jenkins is one I reminisce about often when I listen to 3EB and kick myself for not asking the questions I only now have!

No worries.

We found you more cool bands.

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WRECKED #SOTW: Say Anything

This is our first episode of Song Of The Week, a series announcing our favorite song/band at the moment and WHY we love it so much. Check in every Saturday to see if we feature some of your favorite tracks and discover new music from our top list.

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SOTD: “Miss Teen Massachusetts” by SKATERS

Honestly, just a super-cool tune I heard today. Have a great Saturday, folks!

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SOTD: “From Now On We’re Enemies” by Fall Out Boy

Knowing me, it’s hard to believe I don’t post an FOB track every 3 days on “…We’re Enemies was a bonus track, released on the band’s temporary retirement send-off Believers Never Die. And if this band wins any contest, it’s for expressing the most addictive and delicious, undeserved angst around. What we not only accept but celebrate about modern pop-punk rock is the discovery and expression of fleeting heartbreak and overdramatic emotions, related directly to the sensationalism of youth. I want to live in it until I’m 40. Long live FOB!

I play with burning candles… that I bought on sale at TJ Maxx

New NEW modern angst punk

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