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SOTD: “A Drowning” by How To Destroy Angels

Let’s slow it down, shall we? This song is very liquid: it’s pensive and flowing. Hmm… the title is all of a sudden very relevant.

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SOTD: “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous

You know this one! A handful of you guys dropped their name ages ago as a new band I should check out, and there they went recording a giant summer hit.

Here are some other bands that should be on your radar»

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SOTD: “Of Men and Angels” by The Rocket Summer

We spoke to Bryce as both Wrecked interviewers and huge fans. TRS music reaches listeners on many levels for a pop-punk-rock act. The multi-talented musician writes about the depths of his faith here, and even if you’re not religious (*raises hand in back of class*), the beautiful theme can be translated to any other idea or person for which you feel adoration and reverence. LOVE!

We found these artists on the streets of the interwebs. See what talented friends we’ve collected…

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SOTD: “Lights Out” by Santigold

How have I not had a Santigold #SotD yet?? To me she’s… well… gold. I love all the songs on her (kinda) self-titled album.  Here’s one of those.

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SOTD: “Woods” by The Rosebuds

This song is kind of magic. Tune in. Tune way in.

We actually have a whole list of songs of the days.. check it out!

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SOTD: “Back 2 Good” by Matchbox Twenty

A perfect example of desperation, guilt and yearning in an early 2000s rock tune. Rob Thomas vocals and the slow-building instrumentals beautifully reflect the themes and thoughts of gnawing frustration. This song is a part of many’s history. And just dated enough to still retain that 4:3 frame ratio. 

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SOTD: “Ballroom Baby” by The Checks

Here’s another song I describe as effortless. It’s the kind of song you listen to with your blood. And I’m not even talking about being on drugs, but it helps in order to like this video. Still, awesome single, guys.

Discover more, or

Discover more.

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SOTD: “Orphan Age” by Strike Anywhere

This song rocks so much it’s here and gone before you’re done listening to it. Seriously, it’s just shy of 2 minutes: I often play it twice, back to back to make up for missing time.

Great song, Strike Anywhere, you have my attention 2x over. I want more.

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WRECKED SOTW: “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver

"Well I met you at the blood bank…"

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SOTD: “Somebody” by Bonnie McKee

This song is almost too simple. Every 16yo aspiring songwritter has penned and played a very similar song. But it’s in that effortless, relatable simplicity that made a 16yo me so attracted to it.

EQUATION: Take a gorg redhead songstress + overly-emotive lyrics X classic, pop-piano vocals and themes = THIS SONG.

Truth is, Bonnie has written more hits than you’re aware of. She’s co-written for Katy Perry and has solely penned songs for Britney Spears, Miranda Cosgrove, Christina Aguilera, Lea Michele, Kesha, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen…. wow the list goes on.

Props to this girl. She has won pop.

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